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​Your body holds the secrets to unlocking great health. My role is to help ​facilitate your well-being potential. 

  • Identify & Remove The Blocks to Great Health
  • ​Break Through The Barriers in Your Consciousness
  • Discover Why You're Creating Your Current Situation!
  • Learn How To Create The Health Experiences You Want!
  • ​Find Beliefs /Programs Messing With Your Consciousness!
  • Remove Toxins Preventing Optimal Well Being 
  • ​Rebuild & Support Your Health With

Scott Collins Medical Intuitive Naturopath

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After a decade of working with clients, I have discovered that nutrition alone is not enough!

Scott Collins Medical Intuitive Naturopath

Hi I'm Scott Collins, Naturopath & Medical Medium,  I help people uncover the hidden blocks in their body's ​and their lives.

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​Your Consciousness Creates Everything!


Everything that you experience, see, hear, touch and feel has been created by you.....Yes Everything!

​Imagine the experiences you want to create and discover how do it deliberately in all areas of your life. 

Now Imagine you have the power to create what your heart desires most!

Are Toxic Heavy Metals Affecting Your Consciousness & Health?

Heavy metals cause serious disruptions in all body systems including the brain, liver, kidneys, pancreas, thyroid and more!  Toxic Metals block essential nutrients from getting to the cell and stop them from working!

Discover what's what could the missing part of your Health Journey!

Looking For More Than Just Naturopathic/Nutrition?

​Heavy Metal Testing

Glandular Fever

Fibromyalgia Freedom

IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

​Heavy Metal Detoxification

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Stress & Immunity 

​Medial Medium Readings

​Digestive Support

​Chrohn's Disease

Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Intuitive readings

What Scott's Clients Have to Say?

Scott dove right into it from the get go and told me what he sensed going on with me, from an energetic perspective. About what was happening with me and how it was affecting my life. He was so spot on that I was a little bit freaked out.

Scott identified some of the patterns that I'm currently wrapped up in, and how they are holding me back. Understanding the paradigm through which I'm living my life, and the energetic repercussions of it.  Somehow he knew that I am living in my head and not in my heart. Which has definitely been the case the last few months. And he helped me see how shifting that energy can have a tangible impact on my business and relationships.

 Scott did all of this without me telling him anything. He just somehow immediately "knew." I don't know how he does it. But he does it. This is truly a gift. If you want to dig underneath the surface-level stuff and figure out what's *really* going on with you at your core, doing a medical intuitive session with ​Scott is definitely a smart move.

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Intuitive ​Transformation - A Powerful Connection

After decades of searching for me, I found out who I really ​was, a student, a healer, a teacher, and now as an Intuitive coach naturopath. ​Through the many years of working with clients,​ I discovered I was an empath and intuitive, which became powerful tools in helping others transform. 

​I believe nutrition doesn't go far enough, it's our connection to consciousness that is the next frontier in healing and transforming human health. 

It's this deep connection to our conscious ​healing truly begins. ​ Our consciousness unless cleared is the accumulation of experiences, belief systems and ​filters that reflect in our reality. This includes physical symptoms going beyond just diet and nutrition. 

​Discover the power of true health and wellness when we remove the heavy metal toxins, add the right nutrition, unlocking your inner beliefs and removing your subconscious programming.

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Scott Collins Medical Intuitive Naturopath

​I transformed my body and my life, then age 32 and now 47

I Changed My Life, Lost Weight, Fixed My Gut & Healed My Medical Condition Naturally!

I was only in my late 20's when I was diagnosed with Gastro-oesphageal reflux disease. I was told by the Dr to that I would be medicated for life!

No one ever mentioned it was the food it was the food I was eating or what was emotionally going on in my body. 

I gained almost 20kg's in weight and it was all because of my diet & toxins (the environmental and emotional types).  I lost the weight in 6 weeks once I was ready...

​Work With Scott

Hi, I'm Scott Collins,

Medical Medium & Naturopath.

I am captivated by the human consciousness and the power it has to create every experience and shape the lives we lead, from health to happiness, relationships, finances, repeating patterns, sabotage and our successes!  

You have the power to live & Create a life full of possibilities.

* First Appointment Only, duration 30 minutes.

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