STOP! It's time to Dig Deeper and Find the Root Cause and Thrive!

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Is it time to create a better, healthier version of you? 

The most powerful starting place is getting back to basics, building the right foundations from which to launch wellness.

We have found that if you truly want to create change, the best results come when you have a coach on your team supporting you every step of the way. 

The next step is to uncover the drivers of poor health:

  • Identifying Parasites / Worms?
  • Do You Have Unhealthy Gut Bacteria?
  • Have You Been Exposed Hidden Toxins (Chemicals, Cigarettes, Pesticides)
  • Are Hidden Heavy Metals Causing Fatigue?
  • Do You Have Trouble Putting Out the Fires of Inflammation 
  • Have You Had Advanced Functional Lab Testing Done to Look Deeper. 

Scott has found that his success driven coaching approach is an integral component of the healing process, which he believes is as powerful as diet and nutrition.

"Over the years we have observed the people who have had the greatest success, have had frequent regular support."

With over 17 years at the forefront of Natural Health, Scott believes in creating the right foundations for success. 

  • Restoration and Rebuilding of the gut biome (which is a core element of his program)
  • Resolving sleep issues.
  • Removing any stressors / toxins 
  • Rebuilding the essential nutrient balance of the body.
  • Re-establishing healthy dietary patterns + plus healthy food awareness.
  • Re-balancing hormones
  • Reducing weight and the toxic load on the system.
  • Redefining what healthy food truly is. It's not a Pyramid!!
  • Plus having great support too!

Our philosophy is to look beyond the symptoms, and to start digging to uncover why you're not thriving.

Scott Collins Functional Testing

The greatest challenge facing human kind is de-evolution of the foods we eat and the impact it's having on the gut and the liver. If you do anything on your wellness journey, take care of your gut first!

Scott collins BHSc NAT

Why work with us?

We have been working at the forefront of natural medicine for nearly 20 years.

We like to take the guess work out, so we utilizing state of the art functional pathology to help create personalized nutritional programs and supplement strategies.  

Do you want to know more about testing check out the labs we like to run. 

One-on-one Consulting

We still offer good old fashioned personal on to one consultations at our Nambour (Sunshine Coast) clinic. Our beautiful offices are warm and friendly, with off street parking too. 

Zoom Zoom from Home 

Looking for hassle free, personal solution to get the help you need? Why not book in with us, using Zoom technology from the comfort of your home?

Education / Events

Creating change in your life starts with great education, ideas and strategies. If we can help create that Ahhaaa moment to help you to become your best, that would fill our hearts. 

Meet The Team

Our professional team is based on the beautiful Sunshine Coast opposite the Nambour Public Hospital.




Colonic therapist

Naturopath Sunshine Coast Consultations

Creating personalised strategies for each client who walks through our door.

Creating a Diet/Nutrition Plan

There is no point doing what you have been doing, so it's time to make change and it starts with what we're eating.  Let our team help build a new plan for you. 

How's Your Gut and Do You Poop Well?

Great question, right? We all like to talk about poop, especially we Naturopaths and Colonic Therapists.  So let's get your gut working...

Functional Testing

Have you ever considered looking deeper through exploration of hormones, heavy metals, environmental toxins, and the state of your biome (Gut Microbes) via function pathology testing. Ask Scott for more info or visit our Functional Testing Page. 

On Going Coaching

After years of working with hundreds of people, we know how important results are. It's been our experience that with your own personal coach your more likely to succeed.

Scott has been a Naturopath and Life for over 17 years.

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