What is a Naturopath?

​It’s often a common question when people start to search for natural health solutions, and start asking more questions about their health choices. The best way to describe a naturopath is possibly like this, as a doctor of natural medicine.

A Naturopath is a highly skilled Natural Medicine Practitioner, who will utilize nutritional medicines, herbal medicine, specific dietary strategies and homeopathic medicine to bring the body back into a state of natural balance.

A modern Naturopath will have been trained in health science at a university level and typically hold a Bachelors degree in Health Science.

Through their training a Naturopath studies Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology, Nutritional Science, Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, Human Diseases and Chemistry. This unique training program brings together the wisdom of ancient healing traditions and the benefits of modern science.

A practitioner will combine various technologies to develop a personalized approach to health care for each client. Naturopathic healers are renowned for their comprehensive consultative appointments, with a single aim of discovering the drivers of poor health.

Often referred to as Complementary Medicine and Alternative Medicine, a Naturopathic practitioner will use medicines that are made from natural means or will recommend the use of prescription vitamins or herbal medicine as a key part of their treatment program.

A naturopath is also equipped with unique skills that can help to identify the causes of ill health. At times they may employ techniques such as iridology (the study of the eye), may use a microscope to examine the blood or even check your tongue and finger nails. What may seem somewhat unusual to the outward observer can help a skilled Naturopath or Nutritionist reveal much more about you than you could imagine.

Natural Health is growing in Australia every year, as more and more Australians are looking for answers to solve their health problems.


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