Is Eating Affecting Your Mojo?

Wonder Why You’re Tired and The Connection to Food?

There are many reasons as to why the human body is fatigued? You only have to think about your job, your kids, your bills, poor sleep and the endless lists held in your head that’s using up your mojo. Let’s just call it what is “Stress”.  This endless line up of stress is having an impact! This constant stress can lead to Adrenal Fatigue and most of affect your experience of Life.

What if you are making it worse simply by having a meal?

I think this is a big fat “YES”, just by eating a meal you can be using up your precious mojo! Many of us have experienced a food coma, that sleepiness that takes over after eating a meal. Eating food used up a huge amount of body resources! It’s one of the most energy sapping things we do, and don’t even think about getting a good night sleep if your gut is busy all night breaking all that  food up into little bits to be absorbed.

If you think about your gut or Stomach, like a bucket, you’ll start to get the picture.  Imagine chucking in a bunch of different foods, fats, sugars, starches, alcohol, desert, proteins (meats) and then hope like heck your gut can sort this mess out. This is complicated and energy sapping for a body that’s already tired and stressed.

The bottom line is this, stress = I am in danger! When you are in danger you’re not going to stop for a meal, the body going to minimise digestive function until you are safe. This can affect how you absorb vital nutrients.

Ideally it’s time to deal with the stress and give it the boot and make radical change to how you do life. As a Naturopath and Life Coach there is magic in rethinking life. But in this moment there might be a faster solution. We have found that specific foods contain natural enzymes that can take the pressure off the gut.

If you know my history I suffered with gut problems for years until I became a Naturopath. I found that my gut was sluggish and needed help. Today I am symptom free of the health condition but I still need to be vigilant. I enjoy consuming PapayaPlus with meals, which I have found personally helps reduce the digestive load. After years of suffering I am really vigilant with my digestive system.

I love Papaya for that reason, as it contains a digestive enzyme called Papain. Enzymes have really made a difference to my life especially when I have been enslaved by life stress. It has made the difference between a great night’s sleep and one that was not.

Scott is a qualified Naturopath and Nutritionist and the found of Grasses of Life, we recommend seeking professional health advice before making changes to your diet and lifestyle. You can see more about Scott here.