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How much do you love coffee, enough to buy a poopuccino?

The world loves coffee and with its insatiable appetite for the best brew, the poop from the Kopi Lukwak or Civet is highly sort after. At $30 a cup it’s not your everyday brew.

What makes this coffee special is how it’s made. The Civet consumes coffee cherries as part of its diet and excretes partially digested enzymatically rich coffee cherries. This is said to give the coffee a richer smoother flavor. At $700 per kilogram US it’s definitely one of the world’s most expensive blends which for the coffee aficionado could just be the Holy Grail.

Coffee or not it’s still poop right?

The down side to the coffee poop market is the cute little fury guys doing all the pooping. I am sure there are some humans who would make a fortune if they could get paid to poop for a living. The Civet however is not so fortunate being kept in cages and force fed coffee cherries to encourage their $700/kg poopsicles.

Other than a supposed better flavour I can’t tell you if there are any nutritional benefits.

Well for now, I am going to stick with poop free, fair trade coffee.

Now rather than be naysayers I like to think outside the box and with the help from the folks over at Grasses of Life we created our own enzyme coffee extract. We called it Coffee 2.0. Read more.