Fecal Toxic Metals Test + Naturopathic Appointment



​Includes Test + Consultation + Nutritional Elimination Strategy

Fecal elemental analysis provides a direct indication of dietary exposure to toxic metals and indirect information about the potential for toxic metal burden. Chronic, low-level assimilation of toxic metals can result in accumulation in the body. For many toxic metals, fecal (biliary) excretion is the primary natural route of elimination from the body.

​Analysis of elements in feces provides a comprehensive evaluation of environmental exposure, potential for accumulation in the body (Hg), and possibly endogenous detoxification of potentially toxic metals. For many toxic elements such as mercury, cadmium, lead, antimony and uranium, biliary excretion into the feces is the primary natural route of elimination from the body.

The primary process by which the body eliminates the insidious sulfhydryl reactive metals is through the formation of metal-glutathione complexes, of which greater than 90% are excreted into the bile. Evidence for the extent of exposure to mercury from dental amalgams is provided by the fact that fecal mercury levels are highly correlated with the number of amalgams in the mouth.

This test is useful for:

  • Dietary Exposure to Toxic Elements
  • Mercury Exposure from Dental Amalgam

** Test is done by Dr Data in the USA and may take up to 14 working days for results to be returned from the date of the sample being received.


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