6 Week Consciousness Detox Program


The 6 Week Consciousness Detox with Scott Collins Naturopath and Medical Medium

Hi I’m Scott Collins Naturopath and Medical Medium, If you haven’t met me yet you’ll know that I care about people and I care about helping them succeed.

After a decade of being a Naturopath and Coach, I started to see there was a much bigger problem going on rather than just poor nutrition. I asked myself why were some people succeeding and why were some getting nowhere? And why did the results vary so much?

I was fascinated to discover there are hidden parts of the consciousness sabotaging everything, from relationships, daily interactions, money, finances, work and of course health. When it came to health it blew me away with what people stored in their consciousness. OMG There are some amazing stories our body’s are holding onto.

Now that I look back on it, it was staring me in the face the whole time. Our minds are playing a separate game to what we truly want from our lives. The tough part to hear is that it’s all serving a purpose.

Imagine if you will, that everything in your life, every experience, good, bad or ugly has been created by you. I mean EVRYTHING, and it was created by you….. for a reason.

Let me ask you this, Are You Ready and Are You Open to:

  • Create new possibilities?
  • Allow more abundance into your life, more joy, more happiness and more harmony?
  • Create the experiences that realty fill you up?

Would you finally like to release struggle, drama, lack and life challenges. It’s simple Yes or No?


If you’re not where you want to be, if you’re not living life the way it should be, with ease and grace, then there are saboteurs at play within your consciousness.

If you’re serious about creating shift and are finally ready to let go of the story and the repeating cycles and RECLAIM YOU….. I have an invitation for you!

I am asking you to join me on amazing journey into your consciousness and over 6 weeks learn how you can break free of the noise, into a new way of living and participating on my 6 Week Consciousness, Mind Body Detox Challenge.


Having observed hundreds of people I soon realized why people succeeded and thrived when others didn’t.

  • They had a support network and community behind them
  • They felt heard and listened to.
  • They had support tools
  • They became self-aware of the story and games they were playing and did something about it.
  • They learnt skills that allowed them to shift through the emotional crap when it turned up.
  • The also saw how they could release drama from their lives, which changed how they lived life.



  1. In 6 weeks, I’m going to equip you with powerful tools, that you will use everyday and how to break free of the drama cycle.
  1. I’m going to share with you how to overcome the minds games, and as I call it “The Great Story Teller” or your head and how to move through it quickly.
  1. We’re not forgetting nutrition either, you’ll receive a copy of Scott’s Deep Cell Detox Protocol to use throughout the program. When you’re cleaning up your mind you gut and cells need help too.
  1. Lastly, and the most important aspect of the program which help you achieve long term success will be the:


  • The Support Resources and Tools
  • 1 x 1 on 1 Personal Coaching Session with Scott
  • We’ll have a group seminar weekly for 6 weeks + there will be 6 healing energy sessions.
  • Plus Scott will guide you on how to remove the “Artificial Identity” or character you have been playing, to get to your truth and be your infinite being.



  • $299 per person