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​Why Live Blood Analysis Doesn't Work!

Discover a faster, easier way to get ​more information about your health?

​After 10 Years of Performing Live Blood Analysis We Stopped! Do You Want to Know Why?

​Going Beyond Live Blood?

​Consider Heavy Metal Testing 

​After doing hundreds of ​"Live Blood" analysis tests over 10 years, we made the choice to stop! I just could no longer offer this to my clients. I found there was a better way to get the nutritional information I needed for my clients. 

We found that heavy metal testing g​ave us so much more nutritional information which helped us to design the right ​strategy ​over "Live Blood Analysis"

Now after 4 years of providing Heavy metal testing we are getting the best results for our clients ever.  What you really need to know  is how destructive heavy metals are and how they affect the immune system, blood formation, energy production and even disrupt hormones. We can't get this kind of information from "Live Blood Testing"

​Reliability and Consistency ​!

​I loved "Live Blood  Analysis" but over the years something didn't sit right with me. As a very observant practitioner I noticed some inconsistencies in the "Methodology" of Live Blood testing. I found that there were too many variable that would affect the sample and ultimately the results.

It's awesome to see your blood on screen and quite exciting, however as a practitioner I want more information than "Live Blood" can provide.  

​Going Beyond Live Blood Analysis

"Live Blood"Analysis was a head of it's time years ago now there is a technology that isn't affected by the clinician! I was amazed at how fragile a blood sample can be. It takes the most skilled practitioner to take a blood sample. 

It was the fragility of the blood itself which made me question the accuracy of "Live Blood".  A bad sample means distorted results!

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​You will find out more about your Nutrition, Faster and in a more Reliable Comprehensive Way! This is your health journey so don't wait a moment longer. 

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