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Revealed... the NEW Way to ​Breakthrough ​Your Unconscious Blocks​

Watch the video to see Scott share his unique mentoring process!


​Coaching Programs

1:1 Breakthrough 

Looking for somewhere to start, This is the perfect place to experience how Medical Medium Scott Collins works!

In around 60-90 mins we’ll explore the major blocks in your body, your life and how they are affecting your experiences of life/health.

You’ll also receive a basic nutritional strategy to help support your well being

  • ​​Nutritional Supplements ​ at 20% off RRP (excludes international shipping)
  • ​FREE Follow Phone Call (15minutes)

Deep Dive Plunge

As the name suggests the Deep Dive has been designed to explore deeply into your consciousness into your greatest limiting beliefs.

In 3 Hours we'll dive deep into your consciousness, your body, and your health. 

We’ll also address any physical and health issues that are impacting you. This program includes a nutritional analysis and assessment and your first months nutritional supplements

  • Nutritional Supplements ​ at 20% off RRP (excludes international shipping)
  • ​FREE Follow Phone Call (15minutes)​

​Living Deliberately

​Living in Deliberate Possibility is our 360 Degree 

A weekly program focused on skill development aimed toward living life in deliberate creation that is aligned with your source essence purpose.   


  • ​Deep Dive Breakthrough Session 
  • ​Weekly 60 Minute Mentoring Sessions 
  • ​Nutritional Recommendations and Strategy 
  • ​Ongoing Nutritional Support 
  •  3 Month Min Commitment 
  • ​Monthly Payment Plans
  • ​​Nutritional Supplements ​ at 20% off RRP (excludes international shipping)
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Jess Rodda Gymnast

"It's one of the best things you'll ever do...

Scott was really direct like he knew exactly what was going on in my body and could see the patterns that had been happening in my life. I've noticed that I'm making different decisions and I can see how the threads of the past have all entwined together. 

​Jess  //  Gymnast From Australia  

Jospeh Rae Natural Spark

He noticed things and he saw things that were happening with me...

I've never done this kind of a session and going into it I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but right away from from the beginning of the call Scott immediately picked up on what was happening with me at a deep energetic level. 

​Jospeh  // ​Copywriter / Coach

Sikara Erth Shaman Healer

"​After I spoke to Scott things changed radically...

​There are special people that act as catalysts to shake you up, wake you from your slumber and set you on your path to your purpose. Scott is one of them. I just want to say thank you, Scott, for your help in setting me on my path to spiritual, physical and financial health.

​​Sikara  //  ​The Peleiadian Shaman

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