Donny Won, So What?


Donny Won, So What?

After several long months of enjoying the Kool-Aid, it’s time to take another big sip, while quietly asking to be upsized, yet indulging in the all you can eat US Election Buffet.  You’re so caught up in the debate it’s all everyone is talking about Trump Clinton Trump Clinton Trump Clinton Blah Blah Blah Blah.

You’ve shared your opinions, your thoughts your emotions and your fears. You’ve examined the global implications, the financial implications and social implications.  But what’s really going on with all the talk and options, simply boils down to “How does this affect Me and My Family?”

The truth is the real story you’ve been distracted from. It’s the story between the story and is so massive that you like most have missed it, completely! There’s more to this story than the election of a US President. It’s not about racism, sexism, border control or religion.

It’s damn well about you!

I’m now gently going to place you in US Election rehab for moment. So that you can see what it is that I see, I want to share with you from my heart to help you release these emotional triggers. Firstly, know that you are loved, safe and cherished and that I’m not endorsing any candidate or political party but a perspective.

So Why Do You Care So Much That Donny Won!  

It’s because the US election has evoked an emotional response within you! This is your first the clue, for you and is about you. Our emotions are our great teachers that on cue will appear when there’s a trigger such as anger, hatred, fear, sadness, judgement ect.

It’s like being drafted into a fight you don’t need to fight amidst the propaganda machines of both sides trading blow for blow. In our illusory states we watch and observe in complete powerlessness at the thought of something so massive that we are convinced it will impact our lives.

Here’s why it has nothing to do with you AT ALL, even if you did live in the USA! I want to remind you that the illusion you have been drafted into and possibly bought into has simply distracted you from the powerful being that you are. In as far as you are not powerful and have no power to manifest your own reality.

You have been distracted by the story and bought into your own fears.

If you create what you think talk about the most and if SHIT turns up in your life, is it Donald Trump’s fault? Or is it how you manage your thoughts, beliefs and the language you use.

This is not a story of the fate of the world, it’s a story about You! Donald Trump is the manifestation and representation of your belief systems, filters and of your values. So do we keep drinking the Kool-Aid or come back to the real truth.

The Truth that You are a Powerful Creator especially when you don’t buy into the story, the gossip and judgement. You could apply this to any aspect of your life. You might consider how to release those beliefs and emotional triggers that no longer serve or allow you create the world you want to live in. You might even marvel at living in a world where you create from innocence and love and all your beliefs support what your heart wants to see in the world.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]