Dance Before You Die

It’s a Tuesday night and we’re standing in the kitchen, walking over to the iPod I select what I call “Old Skool” Tunes. I find what I’m looking for, next dimming the lights and soon the mood takes hold. My body starts to move likes it’s never forgotten how. Soon this innocent kitchen dance party infiltrates all my senses, time itself has stopped and there is nothing but the two of us.

It’s hot and getting hotter, my shirt is ripped off and thrown to the ground, now only wearing jeans and a cowboy hat, our dance party for 2 is in full flight. She joins me, throwing her shirt to the ground, adorning her own cowboy hat while her tight denim flexes and her black bra silhouettes into the night. Our bodies harmonize rhythmically, chest to chest, I am lost in her eyes, captured in a gaze that is never ending.

In a moment of freedom we were able to create a universe of wonderment that was frickin amazing, pure, innocent and sexy as F**K! It is a moment that will live inside me forever it was ours and it happened because we let it. It was one of the hottest sexy experiences of my life, with a woman who was 100% Woman.

Do you get it yet! WTF is he on about! It’s about living and “Dancing Before You Die” it’s about experiencing life now, not waiting for your bucket list and hoping like heck you make it to the end!

Imagine waiting your entire life before stepping onto the dance floor. Imagine watching as you wait for your turn, to feel the music vibrating through your soul and the floor spinning as you groove the night away. Imagine two bodies only wearing jeans, no shirts and disappearing into the music.

That’s what life should be, a series of experiences that are lived, loved and enjoyed through every part of your being. It shouldn’t be a single concentrated moment that is enjoyed at the end, whenever that will come.

Imagine waiting to retire to live, to discover the dreams that have been asked to be patient and lay dormant until the day they can be realized. Imagine thinking that the only choices you have are the ones that are in front of you.

I say categorically BS, there is a path for you, for all of us to unlock a life that is to be lived, not saved up for a moment in the future. What if that future doesn’t arrive? What if………..

The video below is a great metaphor!

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