Corporate Health Strategies and Implementation

Common workplace challenges

Growing too fast from owner operator to complex organisation

High staff turn-over and absenteeism

Lack of organisation and time management skills

Ineffective communications across business and teams

Poor conflict resolution skills:  team, managers & customers

High stress levels, poor coping skills and resilience

Poor health and mental wellbeing

Unclear expectations, roles and responsibilities

Transient Gen Y workforce

Lack of personal responsibility and self-care among staff

Our team

Meet Scott Collins

Naturopath and founder Grasses of Life

Scott is a qualified Naturopath/Nutritionist, Life Coach and practiced educator, trainer with over 11 years experience in health and wellness. 

Scott has delivered programs/lectures in various settings from corporate, government and higher education environments.

Scott has a specific focus on strategies that address both nutritional and lifestyle choices in the workplace.

“Stress is a serious problem facing modern workers and that’s before we even consider the health status of each employee… Step 1. Make a bloody great smoothie”

Fun Fact: Loves singing in the shower!

Julia McKeowen Trainer Head Coach

Claim to Fame: I have met Will Smith

Meet Julia McKeowen

Head Coach & Mentor and founder of Find Your Medicine

Julia is a personal development and mindfulness facilitator with over ten years’ experience across private, government and not for profit sectors.

She has worked with over 2000 people, particularly young adults, assisting them in developing conflict resolution skills and healthy workplace boundaries.

Julia has trained and managed large sales teams representing multi-national brands. She specialises in goal setting, team building & customer service and provides individual mentoring to key leaders.

“Workplace culture is seen and felt by customers. A happy culture thrives on healthy relationships, collaboration and personal responsibility…. You will hear my laugh!”

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