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I am the Student within the Dream

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Life will teach you many things, are you open to seeing them, are you ready to embrace them.

For you are more than the illusion allows you to see, you are far more than what it is you can believe. If I gave you the looking glass would you see the magic I see within you. Would you suddenly awake from the dream state to see all that is magically and powerfully within you?

What keeps you trapped within the vale is not made of atoms, it’s not able to be picked up or can it be purchased. You are with me right now, you are within the illusion of thought, you are scrolling through the lines of code unaware of the 010101’s that make up all that you are.

To give you the key to life is to give you the awareness of your own truth for you to finally take command upon. It’s then and only then the true commander will arise.

I humbly accept the path of the student so that I will become the commander in deliberate choice as I take conscious leadership of my souls path.

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