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The Paleo Debate Rages On!

Is the Paleo Way of eating really the best approach for your health? As the debate rages on, I am going to add my 2 cents, well I am probably going to give you $10 bucks worth actually. So hang in there as we all aboard the paleo train.

Why chuck my 2 cents into the ring, well because I have philosophy that’s opposed to sticking to a diet regime of any type. Please don’t get me wrong I am not about to suggest you be complacent about foods, it’s more about food quality and foods that work for you!

In recent episodes of Channel 7’s Sunday Night show that follows Mike Willesee and Pete Evans on the paleo journey. After 10 weeks with the help of Pete Evans, Mike Willesee has remarkably achieved great results while following the paleo diet, which is awesome achievement on Mike’s part.

So Paleo or not to Paleo, so let’s look at some factors to consider:

  • Digestive Health – this means exactly that! Is your digestive system functioning as well as it can to handle breaking down fats / proteins? Alternatively are you producing enough digestive enzymes, and is the gut lining health to absorb nutrients.
  • Ethnicity – some foods may not suit your ethnic origin
  • Immune System – when jumping on a fad diet, you may encounter foods that you have never eaten before and if you have a history of food allergies, it’s always best to start slowly.
  • Your current state of health – it’s always advisable to check with your Naturopath or health professional to see if this is suitable for you.

I really do like a lot of aspects of the paleo diet, but are there considerations that need to be considered before making the switch.

  • Have you have an allergy test done?
  • Do you suffer with indigestion or reflux?
  • Are your bowls moving properly or do suffer with IBS?
  • Are you under-weight or overweight?

Lastly I don’t believe in diets, I believe in REAL WHOLE FOODS! I much prefer to choose foods on the following basis:

  • The Quality of the food ie wholefoods vs processed
  • The Origin of the food (local Vs Imported)
  • The suitability to my body
  • How it was prepared (ie Microwaved Vs Steamed, Blanched ect)
  • Toxicity of the Food (Organic Vs Sprayed)

The question I want you to ponder is this diet really for me?

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Healing Leg Ulcers Naturally

If you really want to be grossed out, just google pictures of Leg Ulcers, this type of wound is just plain old nasty. The problem with leg ulcers is that they are persistent infectious wounds that just don’t want to heal no matter what you throw at them.

Anti-biotic treatment is typically used to help control this kind of super infection, the problem arises when a patient doesn’t respond to treatment. In some extreme cases the leg (limb) may have to be amputated as a measure of stopping the spreading infection.

So the most immediate concern for practitioners is to control the infection ASAP. So if you stop responding to Medical treatments you could consider various natural medicine options. It just might be worth investigating rather than losing a limb!

One of the treatments that I have been using incorporates Ultra-Pure Bentonite Clay, plus some other secret herbs and spices. It has been traditionally used by Native American Indians for thousands of years for a range ailments both internally and externally. Ultra-Pure Bentonite Clay is naturally rich in minerals, however is more renowned for its absorbent qualities. It is on this basis that it’s been suggested topical applications of Pure Bentonite Clay may aid healing external wounds. The highly absorbent naturel of Ultra-Pure Bentonite means it will swell in size when mixed with water which is why we suggest allowing 24-48hours of soaking prior to use.

It is also important not forget the importance of diet and nutrition to support the best healing outcomes for your body.

Suggested Use:

Clay Compress or Mud Pack – Take a small amount of the clay and add to water allowing it to hydrate for 24-48 hours.

Clay is extremely absorbent and needs time to completely hydrate.

Start by applying a small amount of the wet clay onto a sterile dressing (gauze) to form a poultice and wrap with plastic wrap to avoid mess on clothing ect. Replace the clay 2-3 times per day. If you feel nauseous, remove the clay immediately as this may be to detoxifying for you at this time. Remeber that Ultra-Pure Bentonite Clay Highly Absorbent.

Another option is to pack the clay into the wound, DO NOT ALLOW IT TO DRY IN THE WOUND. This goes the same for the wrap, not to let it dry, so changing the dressing frequently or checking to make sure it’s still moist. Replace the clay 2-3 times per day. You may also want irrigate the wound with saline between treatments.

For serious wounds we recommend you speak to your health professional before attempting this at home.

You can always speak to our Practitioner Team About Our HandMade Bentonite Clay products or we can customise the treatment for your situation and also help keep an eye what’s going on.


Anxiety – The Many Fears of Just One Day

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]If I close my eyes, it only take s a second to be in a world that is colourful and wondrous, with my imagination I can create anything, music that inspires nations, verse that softens the toughest hearts and turn a canvas a visual feast for the eyes.

Have you ever stopped to marvel at how amazing the conscious mind really is? Our conscious minds are so incredible and so powerful that with a single thought we can experience the euphoria of love and in the next feel the pain of our deepest fears. The millisecond of a wayward thought is enough to set in play biochemical reactions that can negatively influence emotions and bring to the fore our deepest and darkest fears.

To live with anxiety can be like experiencing four seasons in a single day. The day starts with fine sunny weather, by afternoon the clouds have set in and by night it’s a raging storm. It’s the power of our mind coupled with irrational fears that allows anxiety to be powerful and appear so very real.

It’s my belief that our deepest fears come to bare when anxiety is charge. I mentioned in my last post about the significance of nutrients especially minerals. This is in essence one part of the success I have had dealing with my anxiety. My success with anxiety could be compared to learning a new sport, understanding the game as well as acquiring new skills and habits to succeed. While writting this post I walked through the things which I do each day to help manage my anxiety and I have called them the 7 Primary Foundations.

The 7 Primary Foundations:

1. Essential Nutrients and Trace Elements (Plant Based Vitamins and Minerals)

2. pH Balanced diet

3. Regular Exercise that Combines a Body Mind Connection

4. Regulation of Thoughts and Behavioral Triggers (Specific Brain Training)

5. Emotional Awareness (The Human Factor)

6. Evaluation of Environmental Factors

7. Working with a Coach / Practitioner

I also want to leave you with my perspective on how the conscious mind likes to play. I like to think of the conscious mind as if it were like a small child, that knows no differently until it’s shown how to act and what is the right way to behave. If you take anything from this article, YOU ARE IN COMMAND! Especially your conscious mind. I will share some more tips soon too.

This is not intended to be a Natural Cure for Anxiety but my perspective as a Naturopath coupled with my experiences. Like they say always consult a health professional before making changes.

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