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A Letter to Me

A Letter to Me.

I wanted to say I’m sorry. I’m sorry for forgetting who I really am and for denying myself the connection to who you really are. I’m sorry for not taking better care of you, resting and nurturing you more often. I’m sorry that we worked long hours, stayed back late, argued and most importantly, I’m sorry for thinking less of you. I’m sorry for filling you with toxic emotions, peoples and poor food choices.

Hoʻoponopono I'm Sorry I Love You Please Forgive Me Thank You

Please forgive me as I now see you, I appreciate you, I love all the unique gifts and talents that are you. Please forgive me for all the times I was hard on you and not understanding all that you are. Please forgive me for allowing anger and guilt to brood within me. Please forgive me those times I hated you and was repulsed by how you look. Please forgive me.

I love you. I love all the beautiful skills, talents and gifts you embody so magnificently, I love how you love and how you love to be the child. I love how you love nature and I love that you are intelligent, healthy and consciously aware and awake. I love the journey you have creates and are continually creating. I love you for all that you and bring to this world.

Thank you. Thank you for growing and learning. Thank you for your willingness and vulnerability to say sorry. Thank you for your forgiveness and understanding. Thank you for never quitting. Thank you for your openness to experience love and friendships. Thank you for looking after us in times of need. Thank you for your resilience to be all that you are and love all that you are.

Auto Pilot Turned On and Operational


By Scott Collins Auto Pilot

It’s only recently that I took my hand off the yolk and handed it over to the Auto Pilot. I made the decision that there is much more to this world than my 40 bit per second cognitive brain could compute. So, I handed it over to my Super Computer which is 500 000 times more powerful.

As soon as I realized that my cognitive brain only computes at 40 bits per second, while at the same time selectively filters data and then alters the results in line with my belief systems, I wanted a new way to take me to the next level.

By now you may be wondering what my secret neurological Auto Pilot weapon is about?

Before we go there let’s take a quick look at cognitive performance. The most obvious impact to our neurology is directly connected to our physical wellbeing. For example, sleep deprivation is the equivalent of having a blood alcohol level of 0.1 and nutritional deficiencies significantly affect the biochemical reactions reducing performance. Stress too plays its role in reducing optimal brain function. What if we threw all these factors together? Well now you’re starting to get how our cognitive abilities are under fire from an array of factors. So do you think your using all your 40 bits of data brain capacity? I hope you see It’s looking less likely!  Even if were at 100% there is another part of you that processes data at 200bits of data per second.

Our fragile cognitive brain processing also must contend with emotions, life experiences (or filters), our learnt behaviors and belief systems.  I will explore these concepts later. For now, we’ll focus on what I mean by auto pilot. I believe our truest human potential will result when we get out of our own way, allowing the Auto Pilot to guide us in all areas of life.

For me the Auto Pilot is a significant resource with what I consider to be the ultimate source of guidance and information for my life.

It’s like the switch I flick to turn on my super focused driven uber me. I go from 30mph to 200mph in an instant, information is flowing, the ideas just appear, money turns up, and other awesomeness just happens.  The key indicator that its “Turned On” is the effortless nature in which tasks ideas, concepts, money or even written articles land.

Imagine having access to this infinite resource 24/7! Ok this is the magic that I really want to cover; your ability to use all that is available to you in all areas of your life all the time.  If you’re ready to go beyond what you know into a place outside the existential, then stick with me.

I use the Auto Pilot in all areas of my life every day to guide my business, my brands, my choices and even who I date or work with. It’s an amazing tool of unlimited awareness and knowledge far beyond my brains 40bit ability.

Ok are you ready for the big reveal?

After having spent the better part of the last 10 years of stumbling around trying to make my businesses work, I started studying with different teachers from which I discovered the Auto Pilot.  When I started to use the Auto Pilot, I turned around my business and life in two and half years.

Stay with me especially if you’re challenged and muttering this is BS (you really need this). Because if you give up now the matrix is going to own you. And no one wants to be owned by the matrix.

Through my travels and studies I was developed several techniques/practices that I now use daily to guide, to teach me and that ultimately guide my Auto Pilot. I call it the Auto Pilot because I trust this 200bit per super computer implicitly. If you need to give it a name let’s call it your subconscious or I like to think of it as infinite consciousness. Subconscious doesn’t even give it justice it implies that it’s still part of you, but it is and it isn’t.  The Auto Pilot is simply Consciousness, that connects you to all knowledge all things and all people.

With training and awareness you can learn to access your infinite Auto Pilot to create more than you could have ever imagined. It’s called the Auto Pilot because if you listen to it will take you on a journey that will amaze and astound you.

Now I work with business owners and executives and share with then how to learn how to get themselves out of the way to “Play the Game” in way which their competitors are too fearful to even consider. Using Auto Pilot will take you beyond what you could have ever imagined.


Ooooh as a last note me say there clearly there is unconscious Auto Pilot from the very deliberate Auto Pilot I am referring to here.


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Donny Won, So What?


Donny Won, So What?

After several long months of enjoying the Kool-Aid, it’s time to take another big sip, while quietly asking to be upsized, yet indulging in the all you can eat US Election Buffet.  You’re so caught up in the debate it’s all everyone is talking about Trump Clinton Trump Clinton Trump Clinton Blah Blah Blah Blah.

You’ve shared your opinions, your thoughts your emotions and your fears. You’ve examined the global implications, the financial implications and social implications.  But what’s really going on with all the talk and options, simply boils down to “How does this affect Me and My Family?”

The truth is the real story you’ve been distracted from. It’s the story between the story and is so massive that you like most have missed it, completely! There’s more to this story than the election of a US President. It’s not about racism, sexism, border control or religion.

It’s damn well about you!

I’m now gently going to place you in US Election rehab for moment. So that you can see what it is that I see, I want to share with you from my heart to help you release these emotional triggers. Firstly, know that you are loved, safe and cherished and that I’m not endorsing any candidate or political party but a perspective.

So Why Do You Care So Much That Donny Won!  

It’s because the US election has evoked an emotional response within you! This is your first the clue, for you and is about you. Our emotions are our great teachers that on cue will appear when there’s a trigger such as anger, hatred, fear, sadness, judgement ect.

It’s like being drafted into a fight you don’t need to fight amidst the propaganda machines of both sides trading blow for blow. In our illusory states we watch and observe in complete powerlessness at the thought of something so massive that we are convinced it will impact our lives.

Here’s why it has nothing to do with you AT ALL, even if you did live in the USA! I want to remind you that the illusion you have been drafted into and possibly bought into has simply distracted you from the powerful being that you are. In as far as you are not powerful and have no power to manifest your own reality.

You have been distracted by the story and bought into your own fears.

If you create what you think talk about the most and if SHIT turns up in your life, is it Donald Trump’s fault? Or is it how you manage your thoughts, beliefs and the language you use.

This is not a story of the fate of the world, it’s a story about You! Donald Trump is the manifestation and representation of your belief systems, filters and of your values. So do we keep drinking the Kool-Aid or come back to the real truth.

The Truth that You are a Powerful Creator especially when you don’t buy into the story, the gossip and judgement. You could apply this to any aspect of your life. You might consider how to release those beliefs and emotional triggers that no longer serve or allow you create the world you want to live in. You might even marvel at living in a world where you create from innocence and love and all your beliefs support what your heart wants to see in the world.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Dance Before You Die

It’s a Tuesday night and we’re standing in the kitchen, walking over to the iPod I select what I call “Old Skool” Tunes. I find what I’m looking for, next dimming the lights and soon the mood takes hold. My body starts to move likes it’s never forgotten how. Soon this innocent kitchen dance party infiltrates all my senses, time itself has stopped and there is nothing but the two of us.

It’s hot and getting hotter, my shirt is ripped off and thrown to the ground, now only wearing jeans and a cowboy hat, our dance party for 2 is in full flight. She joins me, throwing her shirt to the ground, adorning her own cowboy hat while her tight denim flexes and her black bra silhouettes into the night. Our bodies harmonize rhythmically, chest to chest, I am lost in her eyes, captured in a gaze that is never ending.

In a moment of freedom we were able to create a universe of wonderment that was frickin amazing, pure, innocent and sexy as F**K! It is a moment that will live inside me forever it was ours and it happened because we let it. It was one of the hottest sexy experiences of my life, with a woman who was 100% Woman.

Do you get it yet! WTF is he on about! It’s about living and “Dancing Before You Die” it’s about experiencing life now, not waiting for your bucket list and hoping like heck you make it to the end!

Imagine waiting your entire life before stepping onto the dance floor. Imagine watching as you wait for your turn, to feel the music vibrating through your soul and the floor spinning as you groove the night away. Imagine two bodies only wearing jeans, no shirts and disappearing into the music.

That’s what life should be, a series of experiences that are lived, loved and enjoyed through every part of your being. It shouldn’t be a single concentrated moment that is enjoyed at the end, whenever that will come.

Imagine waiting to retire to live, to discover the dreams that have been asked to be patient and lay dormant until the day they can be realized. Imagine thinking that the only choices you have are the ones that are in front of you.

I say categorically BS, there is a path for you, for all of us to unlock a life that is to be lived, not saved up for a moment in the future. What if that future doesn’t arrive? What if………..

The video below is a great metaphor!

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Imagine Creating the Freedom from within your inner being to live the life you want. I know this may be hard to believe but it is possible to live an amazing life. That's why I work with you to unlock your inner "Dancer"

Through the Eyes of Mr 5.

I never Imagined that I would have a story to share, a story that impacted me deeply a story about love. I hold no grudges, nor do I have anger but deep love for all those who have helped me grow through the exploration of self.

I was recently interviewed by Jennie Gorman for the PointTV in Brisbane about my journey from Childhood to my successes into adulthood and how I overcame my self-hatred, low self-esteem and deep seated fears of life.

The interview that you are about to watch is about love and how I was gifted the so much from a man I love with all my heart, my Dad. He may not see it as such, nor may he see what it means to me to talk about it openly.

So Dad this is for you, know that you have gifted much, you taught me how to survive, you showed me how to observe people and their behaviors and to fight for what I want. You showed me how to be courageous and to how to love through adversity. I know that you did your best as a parent, I know you worked hard to provide for your family and I know that your own childhood was not easy either.

My story is that, just a story told through the eyes of a boy, a 5-year-old boy. It’s not your truth, but mine as I saw it, it was real for me and it was the only version of the truth I knew. This is my story of what shaped into the man who has now have gone to help so many people.

If it wasn’t for my Dad, how could I have been able to see what I see, feel what I feel, and be the man I am today. The gifts given were not seen or understood, even recognized until I took back my truth and understood that our paths were synergistically aligned for a greater purpose of my own being.

If you can hear this and receive it, let me say I love you and thank you!

Your Loving Son Scott

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