I am the Student within the Dream

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Life will teach you many things, are you open to seeing them, are you ready to embrace them.

For you are more than the illusion allows you to see, you are far more than what it is you can believe. If I gave you the looking glass would you see the magic I see within you. Would you suddenly awake from the dream state to see all that is magically and powerfully within you?

What keeps you trapped within the vale is not made of atoms, it’s not able to be picked up or can it be purchased. You are with me right now, you are within the illusion of thought, you are scrolling through the lines of code unaware of the 010101’s that make up all that you are.

To give you the key to life is to give you the awareness of your own truth for you to finally take command upon. It’s then and only then the true commander will arise.

I humbly accept the path of the student so that I will become the commander in deliberate choice as I take conscious leadership of my souls path.

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Through the Eyes of Mr 5.

I never Imagined that I would have a story to share, a story that impacted me deeply a story about love. I hold no grudges, nor do I have anger but deep love for all those who have helped me grow through the exploration of self.

I was recently interviewed by Jennie Gorman for the PointTV in Brisbane about my journey from Childhood to my successes into adulthood and how I overcame my self-hatred, low self-esteem and deep seated fears of life.

The interview that you are about to watch is about love and how I was gifted the so much from a man I love with all my heart, my Dad. He may not see it as such, nor may he see what it means to me to talk about it openly.

So Dad this is for you, know that you have gifted much, you taught me how to survive, you showed me how to observe people and their behaviors and to fight for what I want. You showed me how to be courageous and to how to love through adversity. I know that you did your best as a parent, I know you worked hard to provide for your family and I know that your own childhood was not easy either.

My story is that, just a story told through the eyes of a boy, a 5-year-old boy. It’s not your truth, but mine as I saw it, it was real for me and it was the only version of the truth I knew. This is my story of what shaped into the man who has now have gone to help so many people.

If it wasn’t for my Dad, how could I have been able to see what I see, feel what I feel, and be the man I am today. The gifts given were not seen or understood, even recognized until I took back my truth and understood that our paths were synergistically aligned for a greater purpose of my own being.

If you can hear this and receive it, let me say I love you and thank you!

Your Loving Son Scott

PointTV Video Link


Justifying Your Relationships?

I have been a student of the world my entire life, looking at everything in wonder and amazement. I want to know why things work or don’t work. But Relationships would have to be my biggest Wonder of all. How do you take two people from two very different backgrounds, stick them together and make it work? Do you pray to “baby Jesus” and ask for divine intervention?

Rather than go there to today, I want to explore language. Yes, the language that connects you to your world and the person you’re with. I say this because, I feel many people are choosing relationships that are not a true choice but a series of justifications in which they try and build evidence to convince themselves that what they have is good. From my observations, many people choose relationships from fear of some kind than truly having what they want.

For my thinking a relationship should just be. Let me give you an example when you describe your partner. A stranger asks how your new love is? The key here is to listen to how you reply and the pauses if any? It’s that moment that you look for the “Aha”. If you mention a behavior trait and then find yourself trying to justify it, then it’s time to dig deeper.

You may even find yourself doing a check list or the positives and negatives.

Good Stuff Bad Suff / Habits
  • He Listens to me
  • He’s fun to talk to
  • He’s Loving
  • He’s ok Looking
  • He’s Intelligent
  • We mostly eat the same food
  • He’s Spiritual
  • He Cooks for Me
  • He Lives at home with Mum and Dad
  • He’s In a Lot of Debt
  • I have to Pay All the Time
  • He’s not Ambitious
  • He Play’s Computer Games
  • He watches Football
  • He’s not dealt with or doesn’t intend to deal with his emotional issues
  • He has no plan for the future or how to provide for a family.
  • He’s Got Weight Issues
  • He’s Not Good in Bed J
  • He’s lazy and messy
  • He Doesn’t Help with House Work
  • He’s not Motivated
  • He works weird hours and that affects how we spend time together
  • He’s always away for work















Doing a check list is a great thing to do, as it will help you quickly see where the values alignments are or aren’t. Love is not always “Everything”. You may find that your “Imagined” list doesn’t stack up to your physical list or what is reality. We may tend to highlight the shiny glossy parts of our relationships and not the nuts and bolts crap that really bothers us. If you look at your list are you getting an even percentage balance?

So what does this have to do with your relationship?

Here’s the punch line, none of it matters!

This why I asked you to listen to your language! Imagine being in a relationship where you can just be. Someone asks you “How’s Jeff” and you reply “Perfect”, and you don’t need to use the list, pause or over think it. There’s no need to think because it’s a Choice and it just is.

When it’s a decision you make a justification list to prove to yourself this is the thing to be in. You then tell enough people to further reinforce your choice and create an imaginary story of truths. Yet deep down there is a part of you that knows it’s not right for you. Rather that create what you want, a fear that permeates deep within you, allows you ignore your truth to go against you, deceiving your all-knowing highest self, your inner wisdom that’s screaming for you to hold true to your purpose and values.

When we truly connect to who we are, in our own self, in our own truth the power of choices lights the way rather than a justified list of gathered evidence. Your highest self will always guide you to your greatest lover, we just have to get the head out of the way to allow it.

My hope is that you create the deepest warming love whether you are in a relationship or not.

Lots of Love

Scott H Collins Wellness Strategist

How much do you love coffee, enough to buy a poopuccino?

The world loves coffee and with its insatiable appetite for the best brew, the poop from the Kopi Lukwak or Civet is highly sort after. At $30 a cup it’s not your everyday brew.

What makes this coffee special is how it’s made. The Civet consumes coffee cherries as part of its diet and excretes partially digested enzymatically rich coffee cherries. This is said to give the coffee a richer smoother flavor. At $700 per kilogram US it’s definitely one of the world’s most expensive blends which for the coffee aficionado could just be the Holy Grail.

Coffee or not it’s still poop right?

The down side to the coffee poop market is the cute little fury guys doing all the pooping. I am sure there are some humans who would make a fortune if they could get paid to poop for a living. The Civet however is not so fortunate being kept in cages and force fed coffee cherries to encourage their $700/kg poopsicles.

Other than a supposed better flavour I can’t tell you if there are any nutritional benefits.

Well for now, I am going to stick with poop free, fair trade coffee.

Now rather than be naysayers I like to think outside the box and with the help from the folks over at Grasses of Life we created our own enzyme coffee extract. We called it Coffee 2.0. Read more.

Change your life one mouthful at a time.

Many of us want to make positive changes in our lives but find it hard to get motivated to start.

When it comes to creating change we have to ignite the fire in the belly and ask our self: “Why do I want to create change in my life”? The reason must be powerful enough to inspire and motivate you, like seeking out a Dentist for a severe tooth ache or a Naturopath for help with psoriasis.

We are motivated by our experiences of dissatisfaction and pleasure to take action in our current situation. It is our experiences that shape our answer to this question- “I want to create change because I feel like crap and I don’t like!” Our experiences can therefore shape our current behaviours, and whether our experiences are positive or negative may motivate us to change our behaviours or stay the same.

Driven by the dissatisfaction or disharmony of our experiences, we may decide to take action and change our behaviours to bring about fulfillment, harmony and balance into our lives. With some training and awareness you may start to realize that life is a journey of self-mastery.

So what has to do with food? Everything!

In some cases food can be a short term pleasure with long term imbalance, such as obesity, diabetes and addiction to caffeinated beverages.

Our love of food represents much more than mere sustenance and our food choices are guided by more than just hunger. It’s about our connection to family/friends, religion and cultural experiences. Food is intertwined into many aspects of our lives, celebrations, holidays, birth and in death. Ultimately, if you’re unhappy with the food choices you’re making then it’s time to consider these social and environmental aspects when answering the question “why do I want to create change in my life”?

Our overwhelming desire for foods that are experiential has led to the emergence of state of “foodtopia” seen as abundance, indulgence and excess. Food Food Food and more Food!

Our “foodtopian” society has resulted in an explosion of choice and availability, which is both a blessing and curse. Food is revered for its ability to heal on one hand and a catalyst for disease on the other.

What if food was impacting your state of being? Without any utterance of the “D” word (diet), food can serve to impede change/motivation. I have observed this phenomena in my own life with particular foods. I found that by removing foods such as wheat, yeast, sugar, dairy I started to think differently. I was working with a Chilean Nutritionist about 10 years ago who noticed I became depressed and experienced mood swings when eating wheat. WOW! This was news to me, no one talked about this at college.

So what if you are trying to create change in your life but the food you’re eating is betraying your body and causing an imbalance in your brain chemistry affecting your moods and emotions. Holy Cow Batman this could revolutionize your state of wellbeing. I am waiting for the personal development industry to jump all over this topic. I have a saying that I use in our practice, dirty fuel on the gut = dirty fuel in the brain! As coach and a Naturopath/Nutritionist I have transformed my entire life through eliminating a few foods from my life. When I don’t do it, I soon know about it pretty quickly. So, “why do I want to create change in my life?” so that I continue to improve my moods, emotions and state of being! And it’s a circle- With improved state of being I can continue to make positive changes in my life with more ease.

Getting started can be as simple as having a food allergy assessment done, in conjunction with our gut rejuvenation program. All you need to create change in your life is the right strategy with professional support to keep you on track and fired up.

Get Started Today and Find Out More!

The Paleo Debate Rages On!

Is the Paleo Way of eating really the best approach for your health? As the debate rages on, I am going to add my 2 cents, well I am probably going to give you $10 bucks worth actually. So hang in there as we all aboard the paleo train.

Why chuck my 2 cents into the ring, well because I have philosophy that’s opposed to sticking to a diet regime of any type. Please don’t get me wrong I am not about to suggest you be complacent about foods, it’s more about food quality and foods that work for you!

In recent episodes of Channel 7’s Sunday Night show that follows Mike Willesee and Pete Evans on the paleo journey. After 10 weeks with the help of Pete Evans, Mike Willesee has remarkably achieved great results while following the paleo diet, which is awesome achievement on Mike’s part.

So Paleo or not to Paleo, so let’s look at some factors to consider:

  • Digestive Health – this means exactly that! Is your digestive system functioning as well as it can to handle breaking down fats / proteins? Alternatively are you producing enough digestive enzymes, and is the gut lining health to absorb nutrients.
  • Ethnicity – some foods may not suit your ethnic origin
  • Immune System – when jumping on a fad diet, you may encounter foods that you have never eaten before and if you have a history of food allergies, it’s always best to start slowly.
  • Your current state of health – it’s always advisable to check with your Naturopath or health professional to see if this is suitable for you.

I really do like a lot of aspects of the paleo diet, but are there considerations that need to be considered before making the switch.

  • Have you have an allergy test done?
  • Do you suffer with indigestion or reflux?
  • Are your bowls moving properly or do suffer with IBS?
  • Are you under-weight or overweight?

Lastly I don’t believe in diets, I believe in REAL WHOLE FOODS! I much prefer to choose foods on the following basis:

  • The Quality of the food ie wholefoods vs processed
  • The Origin of the food (local Vs Imported)
  • The suitability to my body
  • How it was prepared (ie Microwaved Vs Steamed, Blanched ect)
  • Toxicity of the Food (Organic Vs Sprayed)

The question I want you to ponder is this diet really for me?

Not Sure then drop us a line info@scottcollins.com.au or head over to Facebook