Auto Pilot Turned On and Operational


By Scott Collins Auto Pilot

It’s only recently that I took my hand off the yolk and handed it over to the Auto Pilot. I made the decision that there is much more to this world than my 40 bit per second cognitive brain could compute. So, I handed it over to my Super Computer which is 500 000 times more powerful.

As soon as I realized that my cognitive brain only computes at 40 bits per second, while at the same time selectively filters data and then alters the results in line with my belief systems, I wanted a new way to take me to the next level.

By now you may be wondering what my secret neurological Auto Pilot weapon is about?

Before we go there let’s take a quick look at cognitive performance. The most obvious impact to our neurology is directly connected to our physical wellbeing. For example, sleep deprivation is the equivalent of having a blood alcohol level of 0.1 and nutritional deficiencies significantly affect the biochemical reactions reducing performance. Stress too plays its role in reducing optimal brain function. What if we threw all these factors together? Well now you’re starting to get how our cognitive abilities are under fire from an array of factors. So do you think your using all your 40 bits of data brain capacity? I hope you see It’s looking less likely!  Even if were at 100% there is another part of you that processes data at 200bits of data per second.

Our fragile cognitive brain processing also must contend with emotions, life experiences (or filters), our learnt behaviors and belief systems.  I will explore these concepts later. For now, we’ll focus on what I mean by auto pilot. I believe our truest human potential will result when we get out of our own way, allowing the Auto Pilot to guide us in all areas of life.

For me the Auto Pilot is a significant resource with what I consider to be the ultimate source of guidance and information for my life.

It’s like the switch I flick to turn on my super focused driven uber me. I go from 30mph to 200mph in an instant, information is flowing, the ideas just appear, money turns up, and other awesomeness just happens.  The key indicator that its “Turned On” is the effortless nature in which tasks ideas, concepts, money or even written articles land.

Imagine having access to this infinite resource 24/7! Ok this is the magic that I really want to cover; your ability to use all that is available to you in all areas of your life all the time.  If you’re ready to go beyond what you know into a place outside the existential, then stick with me.

I use the Auto Pilot in all areas of my life every day to guide my business, my brands, my choices and even who I date or work with. It’s an amazing tool of unlimited awareness and knowledge far beyond my brains 40bit ability.

Ok are you ready for the big reveal?

After having spent the better part of the last 10 years of stumbling around trying to make my businesses work, I started studying with different teachers from which I discovered the Auto Pilot.  When I started to use the Auto Pilot, I turned around my business and life in two and half years.

Stay with me especially if you’re challenged and muttering this is BS (you really need this). Because if you give up now the matrix is going to own you. And no one wants to be owned by the matrix.

Through my travels and studies I was developed several techniques/practices that I now use daily to guide, to teach me and that ultimately guide my Auto Pilot. I call it the Auto Pilot because I trust this 200bit per super computer implicitly. If you need to give it a name let’s call it your subconscious or I like to think of it as infinite consciousness. Subconscious doesn’t even give it justice it implies that it’s still part of you, but it is and it isn’t.  The Auto Pilot is simply Consciousness, that connects you to all knowledge all things and all people.

With training and awareness you can learn to access your infinite Auto Pilot to create more than you could have ever imagined. It’s called the Auto Pilot because if you listen to it will take you on a journey that will amaze and astound you.

Now I work with business owners and executives and share with then how to learn how to get themselves out of the way to “Play the Game” in way which their competitors are too fearful to even consider. Using Auto Pilot will take you beyond what you could have ever imagined.


Ooooh as a last note me say there clearly there is unconscious Auto Pilot from the very deliberate Auto Pilot I am referring to here.


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