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"I was sick at age 25,  being medicated as a result of poor diet, stress and environmental toxins. I was making the problem worse through my thoughts and beliefs".

Hi, I'm Scott H Collins BHSc Naturopathy and I've helped hundreds of people improve their health, clarify business goals and get more from life with just a few simple tweaks. And I can help do the same for you. 

  • Learn the Secrets to Mastery of Your Own Health/Life/Business
  • Discover what could be interfering with your ​ Health/Life/Business
  • Breakthrough the hidden secrets in your consciousness. 
  • Find the timeline events that shaped you and your ​ Health/Life/Business
  • Get a Nutritional Program - Designed just for you!
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Scott Collins Bachelor of Health Science Naturopathy

My Story from Sickness to Well-being!

A Moment Which Changes Your Life Forever!

Life can take you on various journeys, especially those that you thought you would never travel. Like becoming a Naturopath/Nutritionist and today as a Medical Medium Naturopath. I stand in amazement of where I am and the massive changes in my life from a choice that took only a moment.

My Journey changed when I discovered how belief systems impact our physical body. I was studying in Europe around 10 years ago and discovered a deeper connection with my consciousness and my inner world changed forever. 

I uncovered hidden​ Energies affecting my ability to function and succeed:

  • affecting my health
  • affecting my relationships
  • affecting my emotions
  • ​affecting my businesses
  • and how these beliefs went back a long way not just this life time. 
  • Even the abundance in my life. 
  • that perpetuated fear in my body and life such as fear of the future and fear of not being loved. 
  • ​crated beliefs around certain foods that worked against my body

It's such an integral part of the healing process to address the underlying hidden ​energetics and systems within body as well as addressing our nutritional needs.  It was in the choice to study Naturopathy that I also discovered ​consciouness and that's when​I chose to believ in the impossible becoming possible. 

Scott Collins Naturopath Overweight

Scott Age 32

My Health Story Before Naturopathy Circa 2003

“My life before becoming a Naturopath was one of Gluttony and Total Disregard For My Body“

Just check out this photo of me taken when I was only 32 years old. I am now 48 years old and in the best shape of my life. 

You’re right it’s not that bad, but it was preventing me from living life. I was too embarrassed to go to the beach. If you knew how much I loved the beach, you would find this hard to believe that I just didn’t go. I am grateful that I created the change that transformed my life forever. 

When I realized how sick I was, transforming my life was now the single most important thing to me, to give my life more meaning, to give it a purpose that would fuel me to the day I die.

My purpose in life shifted from one of selfishness to selflessness. For the first time in my life to be able to give back to people. I now had skills that could make a difference, a real difference and I really loved that!

“I was now able to help others create change and move through the challenges that I faced and Conquered. “

My choice to give up all that I knew was scary and very unknown, but I made it and still now continue to grow and push through challenges to manifest all that I want in life.

Life is so much different now from the choice in 2002 to return to study. I now spend a lot of time in the ocean, in nature, meditating, going to yoga and most of all, taking care of me.

Scott Collins Spiritual Healing Principles

After a decade of traveling far and wide searching for the answers to the universe, to health and to me, I now have a variety of tools and techniques to call upon to truly live an empowered, healthy successful life.

My personal awakening has become the foundation for change. Nutrition may form the cornerstone of health yet it can all be undone with a single thought or belief that betrays you. We are more than cells needing nutrients we also need to feed the soul and take command of the mind to create the playground we want to play in.

I invite you to come and "Play Life" and create the adventure you want.

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