Scott Collins

"I was sick at age 25,  being medicated as a result of poor diet, stress and environmental toxins. I was making the problem worse through my thoughts and beliefs".

Hi, I'm Scott H Collins BHSc Naturopathy and I've helped hundreds of people improve their health, clarify business goals and get more from life with just a few simple tweaks. And I can help do the same for you. 

  • Learn the Secrets to Mastery of Your Own Health/Life/Business
  • Discover what could be interfering with your ​ Health/Life/Business
  • Breakthrough the hidden secrets in your consciousness. 
  • Find the timeline events that shaped you and your ​ Health/Life/Business
  • Get a Nutritional Program - Designed just for you!

Scott Collins Bachelor of Health Science Naturopathy

My Story from Sickness to Well-being!

A Moment Which Changes Your Life Forever!

Life can take you on various journeys, especially those that you thought you would never travel. Like becoming a Naturopath/Nutritionist and today as a Medical Medium Naturopath. I stand in amazement of where I am and the massive changes in my life from a choice that took only a moment.

My Journey changed when I discovered how belief systems impact our physical body. I was studying in Europe around 10 years ago and discovered a deeper connection with my consciousness and my inner world changed forever. 

I uncovered hidden​ Energies affecting my ability to function and succeed:

  • affecting my health
  • affecting my relationships
  • affecting my emotions
  • ​affecting my businesses
  • and how these beliefs went back a long way not just this life time. 
  • Even the abundance in my life. 
  • that perpetuated fear in my body and life such as fear of the future and fear of not being loved. 
  • ​crated beliefs around certain foods that worked against my body

It's such an integral part of the healing process to address the underlying hidden ​energetics and systems within body as well as addressing our nutritional needs.  It was in the choice to study Naturopathy that I also discovered ​consciouness and that's when​I chose to believ in the impossible becoming possible.