I'm Scott ​

BHSc Naturopathy / Intuitive Coach / Empath


I'm ​Scott Collins

​Empath & Intuitive Naturopath

Scott Collins Medical Medium and Naturopath


How I work Intuitively & Empathically to Help Unlock ​The Consciousness into Healing!

Much has changed since graduating in 2006, I couldn't have imagined how differently I would practice today.  ​​Can you Imagine being super sensitive ​to people, their emotions and their body's which gives off ​much information and clues as to the drivers of the health journey.

After a decade of working with people I have found there is so much more going on than just nutritional issues which include toxins, diet, emotions and hidden belief systems. ​The real break though came when I made the connection between the physical, environmental and consciousness.  

​As an Empath/Medium/Intuitive there is no hiding the energetic signature, in facts it enables me to work intuitively. We also address hidden belief systems that are working secretly inside your consciousness. 

We work on eliminating toxins causing disease, the toxic emotional and family contracts, ​releasing belief systems that no longer serve your well-being.  whilst re-balancing essential nutrition.

​Making an Appointments

It's easy to get started just book an appointment either in person or private Live Video session. 


​Intuitive Transformation | Heavy Metal Testing | Nutritional Health | Detoxification

Unlocking Programs

​Think of it like your own anti-virus software on a soul level.

Much of what is created in life can result from hidden programs. Our process aids to re-frame and remove these programs. 

Nutritional Medicines

As a part of our process we will recommend specific foods & supplements.

This can be essential to support the healing process and to aid in detoxification. 

Custom Hand Made Medicines

Sometimes we have to make the perfect medicine for our clients.

What you may need for your health doesn't exist so we will simply make it.

Out of The Box Solutions

We are not an orthodox clinic, so expect much more than pills and potions. 

Like Heavy Metal Testing, Muscle Testing, DNA Testing and More...

MY skills

Technical Skill Levels

​Heavy Metal ​Testing

​Intuitive Coaching

​Neurolink - New  Zealand 

DNA ​Testing & More

​Gut & Bowel Health 


My Studies

January 2006 - November 2009

Bachelor Health Science Naturopathy

Endeavour College of Natural Health 

​March 2010 - ​August 2010

​Being Real Consciouness Coaching (Malta)

​The Being Real Consciouness Program Intensive 

January 2003-2005

Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy

Australian College of Natural Medicine

August 2008

Hemaview - Live Blood Analysis


​January 2006

​Success & You Life Coaching

​Success & You Sydney

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Contact Details

I look forward to working with you to help create better health and wellness outcomes for you. We offer both "Live 1-1" Appointments in person and via Video. 


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+61 411 740 222


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