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It’s a Case of Rubber Brain

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Is a thought a thought or is it something else altogether. A thought can bring happiness, ecstasy, entertainment and at the same time can bring about our deepest fears and pain. Thoughts can take on a life of their own morphing into a tale that winds and twists.

I talk a lot about the subject of thought plasticity, remember the Robin Williams movie “Flubber” where he plays a scientist who invents this super bouncy rubber stuff. Imagine if you will a single thought as “Flubber”, random, unpredictable bouncing uncontrollably throughout your mind until it collides with another thought. The new thought takes over from the previous and is just as unpredictable and random.

Before long thoughts collide into thoughts, colliding into thoughts spiraling into the infinite consciousness. You might even loop through cycles of thoughts, experiencing emotions with each thought, exacerbating any vulnerabilities and potentially heightening your deepest fears.

It’s a phenomenon which many experience and may just see it as a normal part of life. The question begs, do your thoughts control you or do you have command of your thoughts. Redefining Normal starts with thought leadership and thought discipline. STOP NOW and Realise that You Are in Command.

Thought command is a skill that I have been developing and practicing regularly, It began when my world collapsed 12 months ago. I was heartbroken and defeated and it took everything that I had just to function. Today it’s a different story. It’s a result of some very cool habits and techniques that I engage. I really believe with practice it can help get you back into the game called living.

There are no magic tricks, just practice with some very specific nutritional tools that help keep you at optimal neural performance. Let me say this, you are so much more powerful than could ever imagine. It’s start with the elimination of the Limited Identity that you may hold about yourself and the role you play in the world.

My Redefinition Began with a simple belief that I am greater with so much to offer that I will no longer hold myself to playing small. I can tell you that my life is a different place from 12 months ago. I urge everyone who suffers with disobedient thoughts to reach and come and talk to my team about the strategies we use each day.

I don’t believe anyone should be living with a mind that betrays who you really are.

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