​Hi, I'm Scott Collins,

After a decade of working with clients, I have discovered that nutrition alone is not enough!


After a decade of working with clients, I have discovered that nutrition alone is not enough!

Scott Collins Medical Intuitive Naturopath

Hi I'm Scott Collins, Naturopath & Medical Intuitive. ...



​Chronic illnesses may actually be a cry for help from your body because its too toxic.  Toxic metals and enviromental toxins interfere with normal body functions and can play havoc our cells, our hormones, adrenal glands, immune system and detoxification organs...


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​Heavy Metal Testing

Glandular Fever

Fibromyalgia Freedom

IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

​Heavy Metal Detoxification

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Stress & Immunity 

​Digestive Support

​Chrohn's Disease

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

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Intuitive ​Transformation - A Powerful Connection

After many years of working with clients, Scott has learned how to look deeper into his clients, using many visual clues, and his own intuition. People emit a natural energy field which Scott works with to help develop your treatment plan.

There is deep connection to your journey, your past, your belief systems and the symptoms presenting in the physical body. Health is so much more than just diet. 

​Discover the power of true health and wellness when we removw the heavy metal toxins, add the right nutrition, unlocking your inner beliefs and removing your subconscious programming.

​I Changed My Life, Lost Weight, Fixed My Gut & Healed My Medical Condition Naturally!

I was only in my late 20's when I was diagnosed with Gastro-oesphageal reflux disease. I was told by the Dr to that I would be medicated for life!

No one ever mentioned it was the food it was the food I was eating or what was emotionally going on in my body. 

I gained almost 20kg's in weight and it was all because of my diet & toxins (the environmental and emotional types).  I lost the weight in 6 weeks once I was ready...

Scott Collins Naturopath Overweight

​Your Consciousness Creates Everything!


​Everything that you experience, see, hear and feel are created by you..... Yes Everything! 

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Scott Collins Medical Intuitive Naturopath